Active ingredients:

  • Tranexamic acid brightens the skin and removes pigmentation.

  • Mandelic acid causes the skin to peel and inhibits melanin growth.

  • Kojic acid blocks the melanin-producing enzyme, tyrosinase.

ME LINE also contains retinoids which exfoliate, break up, and eradicate melanin pigments.

ME LINE treats:

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Melano-hematic pigmentation

  • Melasma

  • Chloasma

  • Dermatitis

  • Signs of ageing (including, fine lines and skin laxity)

  • Acne (with 85% of patients with acne-prone skin seeing excellent results)

How it works:

ME LINE uses a controlled dermabrasion process during which various chemical agents peel away the top layer of dead skin cells:

Step one: The skin is primed with a cleanser and degreaser, as well as a special ME LINE compound. Two to three layers of the compound are left on the skin before it’s removed and the skin rinsed.

Step two: The ME LINE peel is applied with a thicker layer over areas requiring more attention (e.g. hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne). The mask is left on for up to four hours at a time. Some patients choose to return home during this time.

Step three: You will be given a comprehensive aftercare regime, which includes a gentle wash, barrier creams, and sunscreen, as well as special ME LINE products after three days.

Step four: After eight weeks have passed, a repeat ME LINE peel is recommended for best results.

Side effects :

 It’s normal for patients to have red, flakey skin following their ME LINE peel. The skin will start to peel 48 hours after treatment, and will continue for three to four days. Stronger treatments may result in swelling.

What makes ME LINE unique:

  • Special chemical dermabrasion regime, including, preparation and aftercare, to continue controlling pigmentation

  • Application in the form of an occlusive emulsion

  • Effective combination of active ingredients to tackle pigmentation at every level

  • Extended leave-on time to enhance results

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